Blown Film Extrusion

Blown Film Extrusion is an established process which is sued to manufacture a wide range of commodity & specialized plastic films for the packaging industry. Also known as Film Blowing Process, this extrusion process generally comprises extrusion of molten thermoplastic tube and its constant inflation to severaltimes of its initial diameter. This forms a thin, tubular product which may be used directly, or indirectly by slitting it to create a flat film.

Advantages Of Blown Film Extrusion

  • In a single operation, flat as well as gusseted tubing are formed
  • Regulation of film thickness and width with the control of air volume in the bubble
  • Elimination of the end effects like edge bead trim along with non-uniform temperature which can cause from flat die film extrusion
  • Capability of biaxial orientation, which allows uniformity in all the mechanical properties Very high productivity
  • Allows combination of different materials as well as properties